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ANNOUNCING... An Urgent And Important Message From Your Accountant Warren Kruger

“Don’t YOU Be The Next
A.T.O. Victim!”

The Government is in debt to the tune of
$300 billion dollars!
So it’s on the hunt for money…
And Income Tax Audits are where they start!

But relax… there is an easy solution.

Dear Valued Client,

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve worked hard for your money and you do your best to be honest when it comes to your taxes and what you claim.

We all want a simple life… and we don’t need the Tax Office breathing down our necks every time we make a claim.

So most of us are honest and ethical… and we think this is enough to keep us out of trouble.

Trouble is; being honest in today’s world is not enough.

Not by a long shot.

You see, the reality is…

What you have worked so hard for could easily be snatched away in the blink of an eye, by some overzealous Tax Auditor with a secret agenda.

Let me ask you…

What will you do when the ATO audits you?

Don’t think it can happen to you?

Well think again.

Last year, the Australia Taxation Office waged war on thousands of income earners right across Australia costing these folks thousands of dollars in fines, penalties and interest.

Sure some of these folks were doing the wrong thing and falsified claims. But many others were chosen at random, and got caught up in the Tax Department’s wide-casting net.

And when you get Audited (not if, but when) it’s up to you to prove you are innocent.

Take one of my new clients for example…

In 2012 he was audited. The reason? Simply because he had a lot of expenditures that year. So his claims were high, which set up a red flag to the raging tax audit bull.

When he was interrogated about his purchases, he couldn’t give absolute proof his claims were real.

The result?

He was penalised twice for…

“Failure to take reasonable care for income tax.”

He was slugged fines totalling $1,132.65.

I only wish he was my client when all this was going down… I’m certain there would have been a different outcome that’s for sure!

The GOOD NEWS is… it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a simple way to pay no more tax than you deserve.

  • There is a simple way to guard against tax audits.
  • And there’s a simple way, if the worse happens and you do get audited, to have me on your side handling it all for you for FREE!

Let me explain…

Frankly, over the past few years I’ve thought long and hard about how I could help my clients even more. I’ve been doing a damn fine job of this for more than 37 years… but I wanted to do even more.

In this fast-changing world of ours, I wanted to give my clients peace of mind and give them certainty in an uncertain world.

Basically, I wanted to create something special that gives my clients peace of mind in case of an emergency.

And after a lot of thought, I have found the perfect solution.

Introducing my…

V.I.P. Client Club

Gives you peace of mind…
and certainty in an uncertain world.

This new V.I.P. clubs gives you a wide range of benefits for a full 12 months. Available to just 100 of my clients, this new club gives you exclusive access to me and my team when you need us the most.

Here’s what you get when you become a
V.I.P. Client Club Member…


Tax Audit Insurance

Fact is, we do everything we can here at Taxwise to make sure you are never audited. But let’s be realistic here. The government is in trouble. Their debt is rising. And they have an agenda to squeeze out every dollar they can from tax paying citizens.

This means Tax Audits.

And lots of them.

As a V.I.P. member, in the unlikely event you get audited, you can rest easy knowing we have your back covered.

Here’s what we guarantee our members…

  • We’ll handle the audit for you FREE. Usually, this takes at least 5 hours of our time, at an hourly rate of $297.00. But V.I.P. members get this FREE.
  • You’ll never have to talk to the ATO. If you’ve ever had to call the ATO, you know just how painful this can be. Especially when you are transferred from one department to another, put on hold, and then you have to repeat your story all over again. What’s worse is you are made to feel like a criminal. Well relax… this won’t happen to you. As a V.I.P. member you can rest easy… knowing we’ll deal with this for you at NO cost, so you can get on with your day and leave the details to us.


Electronic Copies of Your Taxes And Financials

If you’ve ever applied for a bank loan, or some other kind of credit, you know you have to dig up a lot of financial records for your loan to be considered, let alone approved. This takes time, money and plenty of hassles.

As a V.I.P. Client Club member you can relax. We’ll give this info to your financial institution immediately after getting your permission. (This also includes instant access to your Notices of Assessment which usually can take the ATO up to 28 days.) Normally, this service would cost you $242.00 but V.I.P. members get this FREE.


12 Months Subscription to The Taxwise Weekly Mail
And The Taxwise Tax Breaks

Each week you’ll get access to the latest tax saving tips and strategies to keep you well informed on how to reduce your tax and stay out of trouble. Valued at $147 a year, this priceless information is FREE to all V.I.P. Client Club members.


Quick Access And FREE Consultations With Your Tax Agent

If you’re thinking about making a big financial decision, be assured you can get instant access to your Tax Agent. As a V.I.P. member, you are entitled to 4 X 15 minute FREE telephone consultations through the year valued at $264.00. Use these calls when you need them when making an investment or when you’re unclear on your tax situation and you want some reassurance and guidance. Whatever the case may be we’ll be here to guide you in the right direction.


That’s about it.

As you can see, I’ve gone out of my way to spoil my V.I.P. members, and give them the fast access and peace of mind they deserve.

This way, you can get on with your life, knowing I’ve got your back covered… knowing you’ve got me at a moment’s notice when you need me.

So what about the price for this new club?

Surely this will be expensive right?

Well let me ask you…

Expensive compared to what?

Think about it…

  • No more worrying about tax audits and paying hefty prices to clear your name…
  • No more hassles and expense getting your financial records…
  • Free financial advice when you need it…
  • And expert tax tips every week that show you how to reduce your tax.
  • PLUS, your investment is fully tax deductible… so basically, the government makes the investment for you.

Fact is, all up, this could easily cost a few thousand dollars a year.

So let me ask you…

How much is peace of mind actually worth?

Be worth a fortune right?

But in this case, you’d be wrong.

That’s because I wanted to make this affordable, so price wouldn’t be an issue and all of my clients would have access to this new club.

So if you’re one of the first 100 clients
to join my new V.I.P. Client Club,
all you’ll invest is just $297.

That’s right.

Just $297 gives you full membership and full protection for a full 12 months.

That’s less than six dollars a week. Most people spend more than that on a cup of coffee for crying out loud.

Not only that… your investment is fully guaranteed.

Fact is you risk nothing by activating your membership today.

That’s because your full investment is covered by my 90-day Money Back Guarantee.

I want you to try out your V.I.P. membership for a full 90 days and experience the peace of mind for yourself. Take advantage of all the extras you get as a member and experience the feeling of confidence knowing we’ve got you covered.

And in the extremely unlikely event you are not completely happy; simply contact us within 90 days for a full refund of your investment.

I can’t be any fairer than that.

So what’s your next step?

To take advantage of this special offer, and to activate your membership, simply click the order button below to get taken to our secure ordering page.

Today $297

Buy Now


Or you can call my office during office hours on: (08) 9248 8124

But remember, I can only accommodate just 100 clients in this new club.

Activate your membership now before all the spots are filled.

And just think…

  • No more worrying about tax audits…
  • No more hassles and expense getting your financial records…
  • FREE financial advice when you need it…
  • And expert tax tips every week that show you how to reduce your tax.

All this gives you the peace of mind to go about your day, no matter what happens in the future.

Join our V.I.P. Client Club today and let us take care of any worries.

Today $297

Buy Now


Warm Regards,

Warren Kruger

Taxwise Australia

P.S. I didn’t mean to scare you in this letter. But we all need to face reality. Our government is in debt and they are looking for any income source available. This means taxes and Tax Audits.

I’ve put this new V.I.P. Client Club together because I care about my clients and I want to give them extra protection and access to my team.

But I can only offer this to 100 smart clients who take action now.

To avoid disappointment, click the order button below or call us on (08) 9248 8124 and activate your membership.

Today $297

Buy Now


P.P.S. Remember, your small, one-time investment is fully tax deductible. And for less than 82c a day, this could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

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