"OH NO!... I Haven't Done My Taxes Yet, The Deadline Has Passed And It's Driving Me Crazy!"
“OH NO!… I Haven’t Done My Taxes Yet, The Deadline Has Passed And The ATO Is On My Back!”


If You STILL Have Not Completed Your Tax Return, READ This Now!

Dear Procrastinator,

I know you’ve got enough stuff going on in your life right now that it’s a real pain having to deal with you filing your taxes right now. Your job… Your business… your kids… where you live… even your car can give you unwanted problems this time of year.

And the pressure of worrying about what the Australian Tax Office (ATO) might do about your late tax return can take it’s toll… the stress, the worry… it could cause a major health issue.

And the thought of having to deal with the ATO can be much worse than the stress, the worry you’re feeling right now! Financial stress can suck the life out of all the fun things you like to do. Having that “Black Tax Cloud” hanging over your head really puts a damper on life.

Did you know that the ATO has created over 50 new (and very confusing) tax laws for this year alone and specifically targeting certain employee groups, small business owners, tradesman, even landlords!

Yes, filling out an ACCURATE tax return is harder than ever these days. Sure, some people will try and just “do it themselves”, no matter how complicated their taxes get… then send it into the ATO and just hope for the best.


auditYou might consider taking a similar approach – something like an Ostrich might do… a big bird putting it’s head in the sand, hoping no one will ever see it – or in your case, “being a taxpayer sending in a questionable return” hoping the ATO doesn’t look at YOUR return… or worse, having an ATO investigative agent actually call you up for a face-to-face meeting so he can go over your tax return personally with you – line by line. UGH!

Well, a friend of mine named Lisa, had this happen to her ALREADY this year. She was one of these special employee groups that the ATO were targeting this year. The ATO Agent called her up and asked to meet within a week to review her tax return. You can imagine… she was SCARED… but then she realized, “I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Fast Tax Services And “PEACE OF MIND”

Hi… My name is Warren Kruger, President of TAXWISE based here in Perth, Western Australia – and my friend Lisa (in the story above) filed her tax return with us. So why does Lisa and over 3000 other people each year trust TAXWISE to help them deal with the ATO?

Simple. At TAXWISE, not only do we promise to get you the Biggest and Fastest Tax Refund Allowed By Law… we offer GUARANTEED PEACE OF MIND when filing your taxes with the ATO, so you can sleep like a baby this year never worrying about the Tax Authorities!


procrastinateBecause I know what it’s like to “procrastinate” (we all procrastinate the stuff we don’t want to deal with from time to time), I want to extend a special offer for all those folks sitting here reading this letter who have NOT yet completed their tax return for 2013 and even before that!

If you have waited until the “Last Minute” to complete your tax return, chances are very good you need help dealing with the ATO this year.   And at TAXWISE,  we  just  want  to say  it’s  OK… in fact we want to help you out… to get rid of the worry and stress of doing your tax return… by offering you a very limited, time sensitive SPECIAL OFFER!

And that is…

A $25 Discount off any tax service!

But… you have to ACT quickly to get this special offer.

We’re only offering this to the first 27 clients who respond… and it’s ONLY available for the next 7 days!

You’ll SAVE $25 of our tax return service that we usually charge $187 for.

PLUS… we’ll come to YOU! We are a mobile tax preparer that will come to your home or office to complete your tax return.

Now let me just say right now, no other professional tax firm in Australia will offer you, the taxpayer who has waited until now to file their tax return, a discount. Truth be told (and I’m not going to name any names here), but some national tax franchises actually raise their tax preparation prices around now to penalise those of you who have waited to the end of the tax season to file with the ATO!

So why are we at TAXWISE giving out
a special discount on any tax service?

Again, this is simple. We want to give all those folks who have been “sitting on the fence” so to speak, not sure if they should use a professional tax practitioner to help them with the ATO – and offer them the experience of putting the “tax monkey” on our back for a change… getting a professional to get YOU all of YOUR hard-earned money back from the ATO… in your hands where it belongs – AND DO SO FASTER THAN ANY OTHER TAX FIRM IN THE COUNTRY – GUARANTEED!

What You Need To Do NOW!

You have 2 options to receive the Special Offer. You can either:

  1. Complete your details in the Form below. We’ll then contact you to organize an appointment time to complete your tax return, or
  2. Call us NOW on 08 9209 2756. We’ll answer the phone in person (most times) between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week.

Complete your details below
then click on the submit button
to send your details

Take ACTION Now! Remember, the $25 SAVING is only available to the first 27 who respond. And the Special Offer is only available for the next 7 days!

10 Reasons Why You Should Crawl Buck-Naked Across A Barbed-Wire Fence Just To File Your Taxes With TAXWISE With This GREAT Special Offer!

  1. PROCRASTINATOR Discount $25 OFF (any tax service)
  2. “Worry-Free, Peace Of Mind” ACCURACY GUARANTEE
  3. Quick Tax Preparation Services (on most returns)
  4. “No-Money-Paid-Up-Front” Electronic Filing Services (conditions apply & at additional cost)
  5. CASH Rewards For Referring Your Family, Friends, Colleagues and Neighbours
  6. FREE 12 Month Subscription To The Taxwise Weekly Mail
  7. BIGGEST and FASTEST refunds allowed by the ATO – GUARANTEED!
  8. We NEVER CHARGE for unnecessary work.
  9. We COME TO YOU, day or night, 7 days, at your home or office, in all areas.
  10. Your time is precious. That’s why we’re OBSESSED WITH PUNCTUALITY.


If you don’t have the money in your pocket to cover the cost of any of our quick refund and tax services – that’s OK. We accept Visa & MasterCard and DO NOT RECOVER ANY BANK FEES FROM YOU WHATSOEVER!

We can also take all the fees automatically out of your refund – SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANY MONEY UP FRONT FOR OUR SERVICES! (conditions apply and extra charges are incurred)

This is obviously great news for you since I know money is tight this time of the year. So don’t worry about how you’ll have to pay for what you want… concentrate on either completing your details in the form above or call TAXWISE on 08-9209 2756. Do it before the Special Offer expires and we’ll take care of the rest.


Complete the form above or pick up the phone and call TAXWISE on 08-9209 2756 so we can answer any questions you might have. Since 1976, we have been helping people like you sleep better after filing their taxes with the ATO. Now, you can join the TAXWISE Family, too. (Our “Last Minute Tax Filing Procrastinator” Discount is waiting to be used by YOU!) See you soon.

Warm regards

Warren Kruger – President TAXWISE

P.S. This SAVE $25 Special Offer is only available to the first 27 who respond and for the next 7 days ONLY! Rid yourself of the worrying that comes with not doing your tax return and AVOID being FINED! Chances are, the ATO owes you MONEY. This is money you have worked hard for – not to be left in the hands of the Tax Office….So Don’t Chance It !!  And With An Offer Such As This, I Wouldn’t Put Off Calling TAXWISE on 08-9209 2756 Right Now!

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